The prime subject?!

What are the favorite student subjects? We always end up asking our best friends for the answer but why not ask it on a bigger scale? That is why I have created this anonymous poll for YOU to vote on you favorite subject. Feel free to share this post so we can have as many answers as possible!


Thank you!

4 thoughts on “The prime subject?!

  1. Hey there Hakim, First of all I loved your idea of making a google form was brilliant because it really proves which subject is the favorite if a ton of people answer the question. Also, I liked how you had both biology and geology which are both two types of sciences because a person might like an other type of science over another type of science. All in all I really enjoyed this blogging post because it was fun to see the other answer and which subject was in the lead.

    Come and visit my blog at and answer this very question which subject wins or ties? as a comment on my blog.

    1. Hey Carly! Thank you for your comment! It feels very thoughtful and real. I will definitely check out your blog. Thank you again

  2. Hey there Hakim! I love how you organized your search into a nice, neat poll! It really made it easy to see the real answer, if only I could of voted!

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